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Assignment 05D – Daily Specials

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Assignment 05D – Daily Specials

ALIGNMENT: This assignment provides practice with using functions, parallel lists/tuples, and reading data from a text file and writing data to a text file.

ASSIGNMENT: Create a Python program that reads the daily specials for a restaurant from a text file to populate a list corresponding to the days of the week (Sunday – Saturday). The program should then present the week’s specials, allow the user to change a day’s special, and automatically save the data back out to storage, replacing the existing data file. It should also show the meal for any user-requested specific day.


Save your file with as “

  • Print the project tile on the first line. Print the next line showing your name as the developer, followed by a blank line (remember you can use \n). Then provide a description of what the program does.

  • Your program must use a list (or tuple) in holding a data collection of the daily specials as well as a list or tuple for the days of the week

  • Read the daily special items from the provided text file (see Canvas Assignment or Week 5 module) Tip: You can use the .split(“\n”) function to separate the lines into a list upon using the read( ) function.

  • Use functions for 1.) reading the data and processing it into the global list; 2.) a function to write the data back out to the data file upon any changes by the user; 3.) A function to show the special for a user specified day; 4.) a function to show the user choices; 5.) A function to change the special for a specified day *(this one calls the second function to write the data); and 6.) A main() function to control the program at the outset.

  • You may not use any features not yet covered in this course or discussed above, such as classes or sets.

Output look like thats:

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