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Assignment 04D– ASCII Art

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

ALIGNMENT: The purpose of this assignment is to provide practice with nested loops (for or while) as well as the use of a sentinel value in a while loop

ASSIGNMENT: Write an original Python program that asks the user to choose a shape created as ASCII art. The choice range from rectangle, triangle, diamond, fir tree, and sailboat. The program should allow the user to continue choosing shapes to draw, until they enter a sentinel value to exit. The size of the rectangle, triangle, and diamond shapes should be determined by input from the user. The user should also enter the character to be utilized in each drawing.

  • Save your file with as “

  • Print the project title on the first line. Print the next line showing your name as the developer, followed by a blank line (remember you can use \n). Then provide a description of what the program does.

  • The program must use a while loop to insure the user enters size values for the rectangle (rows = 3 to 30); triangle (rows = 3 to 30) and diamond (ODD number of rows between 2 and 31) in keeping with the instruction, re-entering until the specifications are met.

  • RESTRICTION; At least two drawings must utilize at nested loops in printing the desired shape. (typically a for loop inside a for loop)

  • Any additional features such as def (functions), built-in or custom methods, etc. will not be recognized as a solution and would likely be indicative of a solution found on the internet! No points given!


The output look like that:

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