Assignment 03D – Salary Schedule ALIGNMENT

Assignment 03D – Salary Schedule ALIGNMENT: This assignment provides practice with using a repetition structure to print a salary schedule.

ASSIGNMENT: Acme Widgets, Inc. values its loyal employees and strives to keep them long-term. Salaried employees earn a 2.75% cost-of-living increase (on current salary) plus a salary increase of $2350 in base pay each year on their hiring date anniversary. Write an original Python program that seeks input of the employee’s name, their starting salary (year one) and the number of years the plan to work. It should then show a salary schedule showing the adjustments discussed above each year (a 2.75% increase, plus a $2350 increase in base pay [the 2.75% should be applied before the $2350]. It should also display the total earned for all those years in the employee’s base pay.:

More sample data:

Write a Python program in which you:

  • Save your file with as “

  • Print the project tile on the first line. Print the next line showing your name as the developer, followed by a blank line (remember you can use \n). Then provide a description of what the program does.

  • The user should be prompted to enter a strings containing name., starting salary, and number of years.

  • TIP: Use a repetition loop (for) to go through each of the anticipated years, e.g.: for xyz in range(1,years + 1): # +1 since the upper num is exclusive Within the loop print the year and adjusted salary for that year, and increment the total earned

  • After the loop, print the total earned

  • You may not use any features not yet covered in this course or discussed above, including lists, tuples, functions. SUBMIT: Upload your Python (.py) file to Canvas in the Assignment 03D area. used python 3.6.4 idle

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