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Sentiment analysis of Covid19 tweets

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Prerequisite :

  • You must have python 3.7 or more installed on your system.

  • You must have Spyder, jupyter notebook or pycharm installed on your system. Spyder or jupyter notebook come up with anaconda. you just need to launch them after installing anaconda.

  • If you work on a colab no need to install python or Any other IDE, you need to just sign in with google colab.

What you’ll learn

  • How to read the data using in python

  • How to Perform the Exploratory data analysis and Visualize the data.

  • How to highlight the popular words

  • How to visualize the training and testing accuracy and loss of the model.

Problem Statement:

In this project perform the Exploratory data analysis and implement a twitter sentiment analysis model that helps to overcome the challenges of identifying the sentiment of the tweets.

Key highlights of projects or Essence

  • This project is about Exploratory data analysis and sentiment analysis with classification.

  • This project shows you how to read the data, text data and preprocess it.

  • This project shows you how to use the text data sentiment analysis.

  • This project shows you how to highlight the popular words based on frequency using word clouds.

  • At the end of the script will show you build the machine learning model to predict the sentiment.

Recommended projects:

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  2. Hate speech detection model

  3. Fake news detection model

  4. Movie review sentiment analysis

  5. Spelling correction model


Data Science, Machine Learning, scikit-learn, pandas, Sentiment analysis

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