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Next Word Prediction model system

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Prerequisite :

  • You must have python 3.7 or more installed on your system.

  • You must have Spyder, jupyter notebook or pycharm installed on your system. Spyder or jupyter notebook come up with anaconda. you just need to launch them after installing anaconda.

  • If you work on a colab no need to install python or Any other IDE, you need to just sign in with google colab.

What you’ll learn

  • How to read the text data using in python

  • How to preprocess the text data.

  • How to build the LSTM model to which can predict the next word

  • How to visualize the training and testing accuracy and loss of the model.

Problem Statement:

Next Word Prediction is the task of predicting what word comes next. It is one of the fundamental tasks of NLP and has many applications. You might be using it daily when you write texts or emails without realizing it.

Key highlights of projects or Essence

  • This project is about Natural Language processing

  • This project shows you how to read the text data and preprocess it.

  • This project shows you how to use the text data to build the next word prediction model using a LSTM deep learning algorithm .

  • At the end of the script will show you, predict the next word by giving an example.

Recommended projects:

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  2. Hate speech detection model

  3. Fake news detection model

  4. Movie review sentiment analysis

  5. Spelling correction model


Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, scikit-learn, pandas, Next word prediction

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