Game, Pokemon: Got 2 Find Them All!


Python Game: Pokemon: Gotta Find Them All!. This game is a graphical user interface (GUI) based game and adopt a model-view-controller (MVC) structure

The new version of this game, Pokemon: Got 2 Find Them All!, is a single-player GUI-based game in which the player is presented with a grid of ‘tall grass’ squares. Some tall grass squares hide Pokemon, and some do not. The aim of the game is to ‘catch’ all Pokemon by right-clicking on the tall grass under which they hide, and to clear a safe path for other trainers by left-clicking on the tall grass squares in which Pokemon are not hiding. Left-clicking on a tall grass square in which a Pokemon is hiding will scare the Pokemon into battle, and as your player has ventured out without any Pokemon of their own this will cause them to lose the game. To assist your player on their quest, when a blank tall grass square is revealed the number of Pokemon in adjacent squares should be displayed on that square.

Tips and hints

Except where specified, minor differences in the look (e.g. colours, fonts, etc.) of the GUI are acceptable. Except where specified, you are only required to do enough error handling such that regular game play does not cause your program to crash or error. If an attempt at a feature causes your program to crash or behave in a way that testing other functionality becomes difficult

without your marker modifying your code, comment it out before submitting your assignment. You may import any standard libraries, but you must not make use of third-party libraries.

You must write all your code in one file, titled Your game must display (in the latest attempted mode) when your marker runs this file.


Task 1: Basic Gameplay

Task 1 requires you to implement a functional game of Pokemon: Got 2 Find Them All!. Squares will be represented by rectangles on a canvas. Different cell states are portrayed via the colour of the rectangle (dark green for ‘tall grass’, light green with the number of surrounding pokemon for ‘short grass’, red for ‘attempted catch’, and yellow for ‘exposed pokemon’). Figure 1 gives an example of the game at the end of task 1.

Python Pokeman game.png

In order to complete this task, you must implement the model for gameplay by adapting Assignment1 code into a class, implement a view class for the game board, and link the two with an overall controller class. The following sub-sections outline the required structure for your code. You will benefit from writing these classes in parallel, but you should still test individual methods as you write them. Upon game completion (i.e. win or loss), the user must be informed of their result via a tkinter message box.



The BoardModel class should be used to store and manage the internal game state. This class must be instantiated as BoardModel(grid size, num pokemon), where grid size is the number of rows (equal to the number of columns) in the board, and num pokemon is the number of hidden pokemon. Many of the functions created in your Assignment 1 may be relevant to adapt to methods here. You are permitted to use any support code or sample solutions (course provided) from Assignment 1, as well as any of your own code from Assignment 1. You must not, however, use any code from the Assignment 1 submissions of other students. Additional methods that may

be useful to write for this class are described in Appendix A. You may also find it useful to add your own methods.

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