Hire Python Mentors

Book one-on-one session with our python mentors and get help in project based code mentorship, learn programming, code review and Share details of what you need help with.

    At Codersarts code mentorship program you get to Work with Highly trained Python tech mentors and get the benefits of access to personalized guidance and learning to attain your maximum potential in the field of Python.

    Personalized Ongoing classes and professional advice, on your terms, learn from the best and from the comfort of your home. We provide Python code mentorship to aspiring candidates or future engineers the chance to build up their capabilities with the aid of building real-world applications and solving real-world problems.

    The primary qualification employers search for Python experts, while hiring a Python candidate is high knowledge and experience in Python with Codersarts code mentorship program, learn all of it at one place and kick start your career.

What can I expect from this mentor?

  • Unlimited access to the mentor via chat, e-mail or text, within boundaries.

  • Will give you tasks and exercises to complete, if wanted

  • Includes regular 1-on-1 calls, frequency per agreement with mentor

  • Would be available for smaller fixes, hands-on feedback etc.

  • Is known to reply to messages within a few hours

  • Flat fee of $240 per month, no hidden costs

Core Skills

Machine Learning, Python, Django, Flask, Tkinter

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Codersarts Mentorship Program Focus on

  • Build internship-grade tech-projects

  • Mentoring by experienced software engineer practitioners

  • Fully remote to learn for your comfort

  • Learn at your own pace

  • Work on Real Life project to have practical knowledge

Why Codersarts mentorship

  • Expert guidance. Right when you need it most.

  • Weekly goals & Activities to achieve your potential

  • VIDEO CALLS Talk it out. Face-to-face AND CLEAR YOUR DOUBTS

Steps to get started

  • Apply for the mentorship program

  • Hand-picked mentors

  • Introductory Call / STUDY PLAN

  • Get Quote

  • Get started with your mentorship

  • Kick Start your Career

Contact Us

Send your mentorship details  at contact@codersarts.com for instant help or speak to us on the website chat.

Our mentors are  patient, adaptable, and professional Computer Programming Instructor ready to help you reach your goals. Get in touch today so we can start working together.