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What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. It is a branch of artificial intelligence based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention and is the field of study that gives computers the capability  to become more accurate in predicting outcomes without being explicitly programmed.

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Why Machine Learning is Important?

Large volume of data is generated everyday by billions of user using internet. For a human being it's not possible process data and get insight from data. These data is very important and profitable for business to guide customer behaviour and activity. Machine learning is collection of  advanced algorithms which process data. If short, In machine learning we perform three main  tasks:

  • Train the model

  • Test the model

  • Predict the model

But perform these three task we'll have to do lots pre-processing task. The two main challenges of machine learning to data preparation and accurate data collection. then divide data into labels/Fields or properties.

The second task is to  select the best model suited for data.To learn and understand machine learning need statistics skills to predict and evaluate data mining results and predictions.

The Industries   using machine Learning?

Financial services

Finance Industry like Banks and others institution  use machine learning technology to identify important insights in data, and prevent fraud or  help investors know when to trade. Data mining can also identify clients with high-risk profiles, or use cyber surveillance to pinpoint warning signs of fraud.

Health care

Machine learning can assess a patient's health in real time and medical experts can analyze data to identify trends or red flags that may lead to improved diagnoses and treatment. From playing a critical role in patient care, billing, and medical records.  Identifying Diseases and Diagnosis,Medical Imaging Diagnosis


Government us machine learning for public safety since they have multiple sources of data that can be mined for insights. Analyzing sensor data, for example, identifies ways to increase efficiency and save money. Machine learning can also help detect fraud and minimize identity theft.


Analysis of customer buying patterns with invalid/fraud requests, Analyzing customer interactions with virtual assistants and chatbots, Performing retail analytics at scale to understand year on year growth,Customer sentiment analysis


Analyzing data to identify patterns and trends is key to the transportation industry, which relies on making routes more efficient and predicting potential problems to increase profitability. The data analysis and modeling aspects of machine learning are important tools to delivery companies, public transportation and other transportation organizations

Oil and gas

Finding new energy sources. Analyzing minerals in the ground. Predicting refinery sensor failure. Streamlining oil distribution to make it more efficient and cost-effective. From oil and gas giants to renewable green tech, the energy industry produces a lot of data. AI is perfect for processing large data sets and producing actionable insights

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Frequently Asked Questions

Course Description

The course factors in a combination of industry exposure, practical activities, lectures, individual and group presentations.

Taught in small groups, the course allows close interaction with the mentors. Individuals also discuss their personal objectives on the course to get professional guidance on post study plans.

The course is taught in the evenings to allow working professionals & students to attend.

The FAD team also offers on-going post study support, answering all business & fashion related queries. We provide professional advice regarding website development & business marketing, helping to create excellent visibility for your business or mentor you for growth in the fast growing retail fashion industry.

What will you learn?

Topics Covered: Introduction to Fashion Buying Seasonal Calendars Trend Analysis Range Planning Sourcing Margin & Mark-up Product Development Promotions & Markdowns Buying Strategy


Certificate in Fashion Buying ( 1 Week ) The course is approved & certified by Knowledge & Human Development Authority ( KHDA ) Dubai.

Entry Requirements

This course is ideal for Individuals exploring careers in Fashion Buying. The introductory course is intended for those working in the Retail Sector, those considering a career in Fashion Buying or those keen to understand Buying for their own business.

Career Opportunities

On successful completion of the course, individuals can explore careers in​ Fashion Retail within the Buying Team.

Further individuals with independent businesses can utilize what they learn for their enterprises.

How to Enrol

Click the "Apply Now" button to proceed to payment. If you require additional information about the course, kindly fill the online enquiry form to receive further details. Your seat will only be confirmed on payment of fees via bank transfer or online through a credit / debit card. Fees will be refunded in full if the course is cancelled due to any unforeseen circumstances.


Q) Where are the tutors from? What is their background in relevance to the course?
A) FAD works with an extensive list of industry experts with diverse national backgrounds and in-depth knowledge of their fields. We focus on the ability and experience of the tutor to deliver industry-level education and engagement with students throughout the course.
Q) Do I require any materials to attend the course and do I need to make any preparations prior to joining the course?
A) Course specific material list will be emailed to enrolled students prior to the start date of the course. You are required to come to class with your personal laptop or tablet, a notebook and a pen depending on your preference. No prior preparation is required before joining the course. Q) Does FAD offer internships?
A) Through our fast growing list of international, regional and local partnerships with major
players within the fashion industry, FAD provides ample opportunities for students to take up part-time job placements and internship opportunities. While we do not guarantee internships, we will provide as many opportunities tailored to your specific needs and expose students to industry networks. We have many successful internship stories both during the course and as an alumni. Q) How many hours is the course?
A) Credit hours: 21 Q) Where is FAD Dubai located? And can I use public transportation to reach Campus?
A) FAD Dubai is conveniently located in Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP) and is 5 minutes away from popular locations such as Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Palm Jumeirah, JBR and TECOM. FAD located in walking distance from Knowledge Village Tram Station and Internet City Metro Station. Q) What are the campus operating hours? The campus is open for students from 10 am - 9pm on weekdays. The student relations team is always on hand to support and provide assistance whenever required. Q) Who can get a student Visa? What is the duration?
A) FAD sponsors students with a 1 year student visa for everyone who takes a course with the minimum length of 2 months. A fee of AED 4500 will be added if you apply for an out of country visa and a fee of AED 6000 will be added if you apply for an in country visa. Q) Accomodation in Dubai
A) The FAD student relations team supports both local and international students with finding the right accommodation for their budget and preferences. FAD does not provide any on-campus or off-campus accommodation, however you can check out www.dubizzle.com for areas close to campus (e.g. Dubai Marina, Barsha Heights, JLT, the Palm) to get a better understanding of the most current rental rates in Dubai. Q) Does FAD offer any alumni Scholarship and/or referral program?
A) Yes, please contact us at admissions@faddubai.com to hear more about alumni scholarships. If you are a current student or alumni and refer to a new student who registers for a course with a minimum length of 2 months, you will receive AED 500. Q) Can I study overseas after this course?
A) Yes, we have partnerships with various fashion schools in Europe. When studying at FAD we will guide you and help you with your future goals.

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