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Data Scientist

As a key member of the team, you work with team to analyze and interpret data, develop metrics to measure results and integrate new methodologies.

Job Description

Work with large complex data sets, solve difficult non-routine analysis problems, and apply advanced analytical methods as needed. Conduct end-to-end analysis that includes data gathering and requirements specification, processing, analysis, ongoing deliverables and presentations. Make business recommendations (e.g. cost-benefit, forecasting, experiment analysis) with effective presentations of findings at multiple levels of stakeholders through visual displays of quantitative information.

Minimum qualifications:

  • PhD degree in Statistics, Applied Mathematics, or similar quantitative discipline, or equivalent practical experience.

  • Relevant internship or work experience with data analysis.

  • Experience with statistical software (R, Python, S-Plus, SAS, or similar) and experience with database languages (e.g. SQL).

Preferred qualifications:

  • 1 year of relevant work experience, including experience with statistical data analysis such as linear models, multivariate analysis, stochastic models, sampling methods.

  • Ability to draw conclusions from data and recommend actions.

  • Demonstrated leadership and self-direction. Demonstrated willingness to both teach others and learn new techniques.

Role and Responsibilties

  • Designing and implementing machine learning, information extraction, probabilistic matching algorithms and models

  • Using your passion for programming and deep learning/AI skills using Python, TensorFlow and deep learning frameworks like Keras, PyTorch - to solve real-life problems

  • Developing AI solutions in the computer vision domain using convolutional neural networks (CNN) and a combination of deep neural networks such as CNN & RNN

  •  Solving object detection, recognition, image classification problems using machine learning and deep learning algorithms & transfer learning methods and techniques

  • Using innovative & automated approaches for data annotation, labeling, and data augmentation & use active learning.

  • Handling online code assistance, code mentoring, and education-based solutions.

  • Build and prototype analysis pipelines iteratively to provide insights at scale. 

  • Research and develop analysis, forecasting and optimization methods to improve the quality of user facing products such as ads quality, search quality, end-user behavioral modeling and live experiments.


Certificate, Letter of recommendation, Flexible work hours, Informal dress code, 5 days a week, Free snacks & beverages.

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