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Snake game using Tkinter

Snake Game is one of the traditional 2D games that is played by everyone, for a long time when we used to have keypad phones.

  • In this game, there is a snake that is in continuous motion.

  • The Player has to make sure that the snake does not hit the walls or shouldn’t collide in itself.

  • The player can control the snake with the Right, Left, bottom, and Top keys.

  • The snake starts the moment in the right direction by default.

  • There is n object on the screen referred to as ‘food’. Every time the snake collides with the food, the food disappears and the snake's body size increases.

  • There is a score for every successful collision of the snake with the food.


In this output, the snake is moving on the screen and every time it collides with the food object, the size of the snake increases.

  • There is a score tracker on the top left corner of the screen. Every successful collision adds 10 points to the scoreboard.

  • The snake died after colliding with its own body, and the game is over.

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