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There are number of Java projects whether you are beginner, intermediate and advance learners. If you an intermediate learner or an advance, it doesn’t matter start from the beginners level, doing java project will help you to build your knowledge and skills.

Java is fundamentally known for its solidness, cross-stage abilities, broad security, static composting, and multi-threading. It is the most generally utilized programming dialect for composing different sorts of uses, for example, back-end, portable, web applications and so forth.

The maximum capacity of this programming dialect can't be investigated in a solitary page code, which is the arrangement of our current programming questions. The venture question type gives a record and-envelope structure that empowers the testing of Java ideas at different dimensions.

Also, Java-particular libraries can be added to the venture in this manner giving further adaptability to the test setter to evaluate the applicants. These are consequently assessed utilizing JUnit test cases.


This was my first java project submitted to geeksforgeeks.

Project Idea | (Project Approval System)

Academic Project management is a major issue which is faced by many educational institutes, the main reason for this is there is no automated system followed in any institute. College management/staff gathers all the project reports and project sources from students and store them physically in some locations probably libraries. To overcome this practical problem and also to make the process easy we developed a secured intranet application which is useful for each.


Admin panel:

Provide user/password to each memberCreate new user, changing request.Can send notification to all membersCreate different types of roles and granting permission

Head of Department panel:

Can see project detailsApprove project according to requirementComment and feedback.

Project in-charge:

Can see project detailsApprove project according to requirementComment and feedback

Internal guide:

Can see project detailsApprove project according to requirementComment and feedback

Student Panel:

Can change own profile details and user/password given by adminUpload any number of project abstract,synopsis,report and software codeCan see project approval stageCan see notification on mail after successful approval of project.

Note: each project uploaded by student will process from HOD to project in-charge to internal guide and student can see project status after approval of one authorities project will go to next phase .in any phase if project don’t fulfill requirement project will be rejected.

Login Panel:

Encrypted/ decrypted username/password.


JSP, Servlet, AJAX, Netbean, gmail api.


RSA algorithms for encryption and decyption.

List of project solved by codersarts expert for students requests

Worker ATTENDANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS: A standout amongst other java venture thoughts to work upon. This undertaking enables the engineer to experience each subtlety of web-advancement and will likewise require a vigorous database at the backend. A framework that deals with all the present and truant records of individuals working in an organization will enable the organization to keep a tab on each worker.

Worker REWARDING SYSTEM: One of the one of a kind java venture thoughts to work upon. This framework will enable undertakings to come to think about the best and most exceedingly awful entertainer just with a tick. One can simply rely upon this framework for arranging their representatives by their execution.

Customer MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Overseeing customers just got less demanding. An all around created framework in view of Java will engage you to deal with your clients without hardly lifting a finger and effortlessness.

Understudy SUPERVISION SYSTEM: Schools, universities, and Universities will love this framework. This remarkable java venture thoughts can act as one purpose of access for colleges and schools. They can gain whole data identified with an understudy without hardly lifting a finger.

Final YearRESULT SYSTEM: Most likely the best java venture thoughts for understudies. They can gain from individual experience and make a framework that permits understudy like them to get to comes about with only a single tick. A brought together outcome framework will spare time and advance straightforwardness.

LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Dealing with a library has dependably been a troublesome undertaking. With this framework set up, curators will have the capacity to keep a tab on each book. They will have the capacity to gain all the data without hardly lifting a finger.

Web-based VOTING SYSTEM: A standout amongst the most progressive java venture thoughts to work upon. In the event that you can finish it effectively, at that point your instructors will be shower marks upon you. This framework will make you the star among resources and imprints will stop to issue.

Dissension MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: One unified framework that takes in every one of the solicitations and grievances and procedures them now and again is the need of great importance. One can simply rely on such a framework for overseeing things better. This one framework enables individuals to get their issues explained without any difficulty. Take up this as your java undertaking and quit agonizing over the last grades.

ONLINE CV BUILDER: A standout amongst the most aggressive java venture thoughts to consider. This framework will take the little data from the client and will give him a completely created CV consequently. One can simply rely upon such a framework for getting ready CVs at last.

Understudy MONITORING SYSTEM: An understudy checking framework is unique in relation to a framework that stores the data for understudies. The following framework will keep a tab on the execution, wellbeing, and necessities of the children.

ONLINE BOOKSTORE: Extraordinary compared to other book administration frameworks with a protected database. One can utilize this framework for dealing with every one of the books in their stock and afterward be offering out to the world.

ONLINE DISCUSSION FORUM: Undertaking this java venture thought, as your last year task will enable you to comprehend the need of great importance. Individuals to require a stage where they can share their issues and learn answers for them.

ONLINE JOB PORTAL: Building a framework that keeps the record of all the new employment in the line won’t just enable you to get great stamps yet will likewise enable you to see how the online world functions.

ONLINE ART GALLERY: Online workmanship exhibition is a potential Java venture thought for understudies. One can simply utilize this venture for exhibiting his or her gathering of workmanship or antiquities.

Lodging MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Undertakings require a framework through which they can deal with their chain eateries. Utilize this stage for dealing with your business well. This one framework takes in the assets undercount and utilizes them effectively for business administration.

Web-based BANKING SYSTEM: The web-based saving money framework will advance straightforwardness and will likewise guarantee that individuals get the chance to keep a tab on their cash continuously. This incredible framework will likewise get astounding evaluations for the understudies.

ONLINE NEWSPAPER: Building an online stage that enables the general population to peruse news from around the globe is a smart thought. One can begin taking a shot at it today and obtain astounding imprints in the last, most decisive tests. A standout amongst other java venture gets ready for the understudies.

Long range interpersonal communication SITE: A site that gives individuals a chance to meet up share stories, pictures and recordings is an awesome java venture thought to attempt. You can make utilization of different modules and inspire your resources.

ONLINE PROPERTY DEALING: One stop looks for all property needs of the general population in the contemporary world. Utilizing a powerful database at the backend for dealing with the structure of the site. This one anticipates will require a considerable measure of time and endeavors.

Carrier RESERVATION SYSTEM: Dealing with every one of the documents, accessible and sold seats will form a keen framework. Building a carrier reservation framework for your last semester will enable you to gain the best notoriety before your instructor.

GAS BOOKING SYSTEM: A brought together a framework that enables individuals to book gas online is a lifeline. Outstanding amongst other java venture thoughts to attempt and offer it later to endeavors. This framework will go far later on and change the way individuals book gas.

VIDEO STREAMING JAVA PROJECT: Indeed! It will require a great deal of investment and exertion, however, it is the best java venture for understudies who are anticipating testing themselves. This one framework can enable you to top the exams.

Internet SHOPPING PLATFORM: A framework that gives you a chance to take a gander at all the items you need and buy it without breaking a sweat. This web-based shopping stage will enable you to spare a great deal of time and cash. Aside from that educators get promptly awed with an internet shopping stage.

Eatery MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: A framework that uses the accessible time and cash for overseeing eateries well. One can simply nourish in the quantity of individuals working and furthermore permit indicated parts. This framework can be utilized productively to assign employments and parts to fluctuated individuals.

Silver screen BOOKING SYSTEM: The ability to book silver screen tickets while sitting in office or garden will enable individuals to spare time, exertion and cash. This framework will incorporate area based modules for finding the closest film lobby before booking a ticket.

Transport RESERVATION SYSTEM: This task will help you feature your formative abilities. Transport reservation framework will require heaps of endeavors. You should procure continuous information and incorporate modules that make things easier and fun.

Auto RENTAL SYSTEM: One touch framework that gives you a chance to find the best auto up for lease in the town. One can utilize this framework remotely from anyplace on the planet to discover an auto and appreciate the ride. This without a doubt is the special java venture thought to work upon and inspire resources.

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